It is the general perception that the care and maintenance of wood flooring is costly and tedious. However, with coatings of Aluminium Oxide and Anti-Scratch varnishes, users can now enjoy the beautiful and easily maintained Ekowood floors hassle-free.

Ekowood flooring is suitable for installation in almost any residential building and can be installed over concrete slabs or hard-surface floors.

However, wooden floors are sensitive to wetness, excessive humidity and excessive drought. At installation, the relative atmospheric humidity (RH) level should be between 45% and 60% in order to extend the lifetime of your Ekowood floors.



Prevent direct contact with water.



In order to maintain the beauty of Ekowood, placing a quality doormat at both inside and outside of entrances is recommended to reduce scratches caused by abrasive grit and dirt.

Ekowood is made entirely of genuine and beautiful natural wood.

Being made of genuine wood, every board if unique and therefore no photographs or samples can be exactly reproduced with the exact colours, grains and tint.



Support furniture and heavy appliances with wide-bearing, non-staining glides or casters.

Move appliances or furniture by sliding them slowly across the floor on a clean piece of carpet turned upside down.

Place area rugs in high traffic areas to make long term maintenance easier and less expensive.



Do not wax the floor.

Avoid spiked-heel shoes, pebbles and other abrasives.

No not use steel wool on the floor.

Do not use soap or detergents on the floor and never pour water directly onto the floor.

Do not use ammonia-based cleaners.

Do not use extremely wet mops to clean the floor.



Ekowood floorings are available in the following finishes: ultra violet cured acrylic lacquer, oil, unfinished and Aluminium Oxide.

Ekowood floors are resistant to acetone, fruit juices, thinner, coffee, tea, fat, oil, alcoholic beverages and PVC sealants.


Recommended Maintenance

For general cleaning, use a dust mop or vacuum.

Keep grit off the floor. Dust, mop or vacuum regularly and keep door mats clean.

Wipe spills promptly with a dry cloth. Use a slightly dampened cloth for sticky spills.

Should staining occur from food, ink, grease, lipsticks, cigarette burns, crayon, wax or nail polish, take the following steps:

Firstly, wipe with a damp cloth. If unsuccessful, use mild detergent (PH 6-8).

If stain persists, use acetone. Under normal circumstances, acetone should be able to remove the stain

Avoid scrubbing with abrasive materials and using strong solvents or detergents.



Ekowood floors can be re-sanded and re-finished 3 times. However, consultation with specialists is strongly recommended.